red dye n°12 / Secret Moon : Rust City

With this new LP from Secret Moon, the production alias of talented Britain-based musicians Lloyd Markham and Dylan O'Dwyer, Red Dye is entering phase two of its natural evolution. From now on, anything can be expected from the label. We always said that we released exactly what we wanted, but here we take this statement to its logical next step, taking the structure in a different direction.

"Themed around obsolescence, technological wastelands and abandoned sci-fi dreams" in the words of Secret Moon member Lloyd Markham, Rust City represents a foray into an alternate dimension, with a sound, a vision, a mood representative of the eighties experimental post-punk sound at its most cold and distant, with a very special otherworldly quality seldom heard in other records since that time. Fans of Stephen Nester, John Zorn, Freshly Wrapped Candies and Bob Ostertag should definitely check this album out. One for the late hours when strange shapes lurk in the shadows and the moon gives everything an eerie glow.

tracklist : Brain Haze / Stare / Lag / Corruption / Midnight / Disconnection

all tracks written, produced and performed by Lloyd Markham and Dylan O'Dwyer (aka Secret Moon) / 2014
artwork by Atoll Intercom Systems

Download here : red dye n°12

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